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My outfit for the fashion show, french cafe~ (I love that there are eggs on the print, ok?)
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She’s got ice cream on her head! by Revelio
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rustic life.
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Sunburst… (by Jem Salmon)

I’m sick of watching the shirts with sleeves hang lonesome in my closet, I want to put them on and let you take them off. I want to wear the kinds of things that don’t slip off in an instant, the kinds of things with zippers and buttons and layers and depth. I want to feel soft, I want the comfort of a comforter, I want to spend Saturdays in bed with all the windows open.

I want to spend Sundays in cars with the windows open, too, driving to fields where apples and pumpkins grow. I want to taste the thick of fall in my mouth, in pies and brews and hot coffee. I want confusion over whether or not to wear a jacket and confusion over what hue that tree was three weeks ago, I want everything to change so that I can feel like there’s reason to be alert, like there’s a reason to wake up again.


Stephanie Georgopulos, “I’m Sick Of Summer” (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)


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24 Ways to Enjoy a Pumpkin.


A variety of recipes. 

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