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First turned Japanese Maple on our property. #autumn #leaves #maple by JediMomTricks on Flickr.
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Parasyte/Kiseijuu- Iwaaki Hitoshi 

My favorite manga!

Anyone who knows me well will tell you a few things about me: 
-I am in love with Xenomorphs in a sexual manner
-I love monsters

-I love Halloween

-I HATE summer

Let me repeat: I. Hate. Summer.

I hate everything about it. The weather, the long daylight hours, the bugs, the sun, -everything-. Yes, even the ice-cream because it makes me fat and sad.

So pretty much my blog is becoming autumn/halloween related for the next…forevermonths.

I will still do alot of lolita things and cute things and perverted things, but the majority of it is going to be orange and pumpkins and everything I love. I lose followers if I even post a lady’s butt, so I expect to lose probably around 100 or so people.

And I don’t really care! This is just for the people who actually…have stayed with me for 3 years? You know, the cool kids.

SO KEEP BEING COOL. Cuz I love you. And the flakes? Go flake off and find stuff you like and you can be cool too!


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Playing around with my new clothes and accessories (*´∀`*)☆
Creepy cute magical girl ψ(♡`∇´)ψ *:・゚✧
Dress: Milklim
Petticoat: BODYLINE
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Accessories: taobao, ebay, Angelic Pretty, Super Lovers, BODYLINE, handmade, Listen Flavor, 6%dokidoki
Socks/tights: ebay
Shoes: Secret Shop
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